Election Special: Wirral’s local council election results

The 2021 Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council election took place yesterday, Thursday 6 May 2021 to elect members of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council. The election was originally due to take place in May 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to the 2021 elections, the political composition of the council was as follows:

  • Labour – 31 seats 
  • Conservative – 20 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 6 seats
  • Independent – 3 seats
  • The Green Party – 2 seats
  • Vacant seats – 4

The council was governed by a minority administration of Labour Councillors.

The seats won at the 2021 elections is as follows:

  • Labour – 10 seats 
  • Conservative – 8 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 2 seats
  • Independent – 0 seats
  • The Green Party – 3 seats

Following the 2021 elections, the political composition of the council was as follows:

  • Labour – 30 seats 
  • Conservative – 22 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 6 seats
  • Independent – 1 seat
  • The Green Party – 5 seats
  • Vacant seats – 2

The council is governed by a minority administration of Labour Councillors.

Following is a full list of Wirral candidates. • italics denote the sitting councillor • bold denotes the winning candidate

Bebington – Green GAIN from Labour

Lib DemsVicky Downie631%-4.1%
ConservativeGeoff Jones52910%-11.7%
LabourChristina Muspratt153629%-28.0%
GreenJason Walsh316760%+55.6%
Electorate: 11839

Bidston and St James – Labour HOLD

GreenDiane Johnson2059%+4.6%
ConservativeTina McDonnell36416%+8.1%
LabourJulie McManus158170%-1.0%
Lib DemsMike Parsons1225%+2.0%
Electorate: 10498

Birkenhead and Tranmere – Green GAIN from Labour

ConservativeJune Cowin1535%+3.5%
GreenEmily Gleaves176562%+19.2%
LabourSusan Mahoney89731%-16.6%
Lib DemsEdward Smith351%+0.1%
Electorate: 10400

Bromborough – Labour HOLD

LabourJo Bird224861%+9.7%
ConservativeAnthony Drury81922%+9.7%
GreenSheena Hatton3189%+4.9%
Lib DemsChase Newton2958%+3.7%
Electorate: 12237

Clatterbridge – Conservative HOLD

LabourChristopher Davies142631%-6.4%
GreenJim McGinley46610%+6.1%
ConservativeCherry Povall241452%+0.1%
Lib DemsDaniel Rogers3578%+0.3%
Electorate: 11305

Claughton – Labour HOLD

For BritainGary Bergin672%+1.9%
LabourGeorge Davies209660%-8.1%
ConservativeRania Elzeiny60817%-0.9%
GreenLiz Heydon41212%+5.4%
Lib DemsChris Teggin3009%+1.7%
Electorate: 11468

Eastham – Lib Dem HOLD

ConservativePaul Connolly48812%+5.1%
Lib DemsPhillip Gilchrist249763%-3.7%
GreenPercy Hogg1714%+2.3%
LabourShab Syed79220%-3.6%
Electorate: 11069

Greasby, Frankby and Irby – Conservative HOLD

ConservativeTom Anderson275554%+5.8%
LabourGail Jenkinson158531%+2.5%
GreenCathy Page4288%+3.3%
Lib DemsMike Redfern3066%-11.6%
Electorate: 11593

Heswall – Conservative HOLD

GreenBarbara Burton4689%+1.6%
Reform UKKen Ferguson601%+1.2%
ConservativeKathy Hodson278556%-9.0%
LabourGiuseppe Roberto111823%+2.2%
Lib DemsRobert Thompson53511%+4.0%
Electorate: 10903

Hoylake and Meols – Conservative HOLD

GreenAlix Cockcroft54811%+2.2%
ConservativeAndrew Gardner253253%-1.5%
LabourMatt Houghton139129%-1.2%
Lib DemsPeter Reisdorf3357%+0.5%
Electorate: 10575

Leasowe and Moreton East – Labour HOLD

ConservativeDebbie Caplin140939%+15.6%
LabourHelen Collinson194354%-15.2%
GreenMichael Dixon1755%-2.2%
Lib DemsJohn Mullins642%+1.8%
Electorate: 11118

Liscard – Labour HOLD

Lib DemsSue Arrowsmith2217%-0.3%
LabourDavid Brennan189857%+1.6%
ConservativeJane Owens87526%+9.2%
Reform UKDave Sharp712%+2.1%
GreenPerle Sheldricks2718%-0.2%
Electorate: 11405

Moreton West and Saughall Massie – Conservative HOLD

ConservativeMax Booth220656%-0.8%
GreenHelen O’Donnell2567%+4.5%
Lib DemsDavid Tyrrell842%+2.1%
Reform UKPaul Whelligan602%+1.5%
LabourNicole Williams132034%-0.2%
Electorate: 10763

New Brighton (Two councillors elected) 2 x Labour HOLD

GreenMoira Gommon4927%+8.8%
LabourTony Jones202428%+2.9%
Lib DemsAdam Keenan2143%+3.7%
LabourPaul Martin183525%+2.9%
ConservativeDarren May92313%-9.2%
ConservativeTony Pritchard123017%-9.2%
Lib DemsCharlie Smethurst1843%+3.7%
GreenCynthia Stonall4336%+8.8%
Electorate: 11476

Oxton – Lib Dem HOLD

GreenJudith Grier3068%+3.4%
Reform UKPhilip Griffiths581%+1.4%
LabourPaul Jobson105026%-9.7%
Lib DemsStuart Kelly231157%+3.0%
ConservativePhil Merry3288%+1.9%
Electorate: 11020

Pensby and Thingwall – Conservative GAIN from Independent

GreenAllen Burton45310%+7.1%
ConservativeIvan Camphor223448%+15%
Lib DemsPhil Waterfield25710%-0.8%
LabourTim Watson167636%-12.3%
Electorate: 10492

Prenton – Green GAIN from Labour

GreenHarry Gorman223555%+44.6%
LabourAngie Davies144135%-25.1%
Lib DemsLucy Johnson872%-8.4%
ConservativeHilary Jones3368%-11.0%
Electorate: 10991

Rock Ferry – Labour HOLD

IndependentStephen Davies54720%+20.1%
ConservativeNick Hanna29611%-12.2%
GreenCraig McDonald27110%+3.4%
LabourClare O’Hagan151256%-12.2%
Lib DemsTom Sutton953%-0.1%
Electorate: 10269

Seacombe – Labour HOLD

GreenHilary Cullen2089%+9.1%
Lib DemsAnthony Morris834%+3.6%
LabourPaul Stuart159770%-15.7%
ConservativeVida Wilson40518%+3.0%
Electorate: 10294

Upton – Labour HOLD

Lib DemsAlan Davies1434%-0.4%
GreenLily Clough43212%+5.9%
LabourJean Robinson196055%-11.1%
ConservativeEmma Sellman101729%+5.6%
Electorate: 12409

Wallasey – Conservative HOLD

Lib DemsJohn Codling1603%-1.0%
GreenRachel Heydon2976%+0.4%
ConservativeIan Lewis256750%-0.4%
LabourTom Usher213541%+6.2%
Electorate: 11727

West Kirby and Thurstaston – Conservative HOLD

GreenYvonne McGinley57112%+4.5%
ConservativeSimon Mountney265057%-0.8%
Lib DemsOrod Osanlou2245%-1.4%
LabourLouise Reecejones122826%-2.3%
Electorate: 10326

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