Education and training specialist contributes £21.5m to Liverpool Region

Progress Group, the education and training specialist driving forward social mobility, has generated £21,481,700 of social value in two years.

The Group commissioned consultancy The Connectives to complete a full impact analysis of operations and activities during 2019-2021, in order to identify the value the Group is delivering to society as a whole.

The findings show the Progress Group’s subsidiaries – Progress Schools, Progress Careers, Innovative Alliance, Complete Training Solutions and Prepare to Achieve – have collectively produced more than £20m of social value during a time characterised by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Social value is the full net value an organisation provides to society, including how it supports the local economy, how it can provide other benefits and present opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

The Progress Group’s mission is to leave societies and communities in a better situation than when they found them and for every £1 The Progress Group has invested into the delivery of services, £1.44 of social value has been generated during 2019-2021.

The Social Audit Network process of social accounting was undertaken as a method of social impact assessment and qualitative and quantitative data collection process was carried out in order to assess whether the Group and its subsidiaries have had an impact on the lives of learners, customers and staff.

Such data was gathered from 1-2-1 interviews, case studies and subsidiary performance reports. The report also utilises Social Return on Investment methodology introducing financial proxies to enumerate the social value derived from the subsidiaries’ activity.

Despite the global pandemic, The Progress Group has still managed to make huge positive social and economic impact through the provision of a range of education and employment interventions.

The Progress Group has supported cost savings to the public purse and value for money by reducing the number of young people who are not in education, employment or training and progressing them into one of these opportunities.

Young people who were previously not attending mainstream schooling to complete their formal education have also been aided while the Progress Group has also helped people access training and qualifications to secure employment in emerging ‘Green’ industries.

Jayne Worthington, CEO of the Progress Group said, “The social value generated and the Progress Group’s impact on society means students have been able to complete their formal education and move to the next stage of their life with renewed confidence.

“They have felt valued and respected by their schools as importantly their unique contributions have been recognised and appreciated, building self-confidence and resilience to be citizens of the future.”

The Group has generated £11,300,016 of savings to the public purse through the delivery of its activities, ensuring it is a net contributor to the local economy – providing jobs, developing the local workforce and creating learning environments in which young people are valued and can thrive.

Worthington added, “The Group has also grown a workforce of technical specialists, qualified to meet the needs of local, national and international employers, increased general skill levels and employability in the Liverpool City Region (LCR). population, directly addressing local skills gaps in the workforce and also increased local wealth as a result of increased employment, and consequent local spend positively contributing to the economy of the LCR.”

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