Drug driver arrested following collision in Bebington

Merseyside Police received a report of a road traffic collision at the junction of Heath Road and Norbury Avenue in Bebington on the morning of Wednesday, 20 December.

Just before 7.30am, it was reported that a grey Renault being driven on Heath Road was in collision with a parked car. There were no injuries reported.

A 36-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of drug driving and has been released pending further enquiries.

Green Party Councillor for Bebington, Edward Lamb lives in the area, told Birkenhead News, “The idea that someone would get in their car whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs, sadly, no longer shocks me. To do so through a residential area as people are making their way to work or to school is deeply immoral and shows an appalling lack of judgement. 

“This is a route that my family walks almost every day and my children attend nearby schools. Today was particularly bad, but residents face dangerous conditions on an almost daily basis. Just 24 hours earlier a local headteacher had put out a desperate plea for parents to drive with more caution.

“In Bebington, we are working on a multitude of schemes to reduce road danger – pedestrian-only areas near schools, lots of 20mph, cycling infrastructure, increased bus capacity and lots more. At a regional and national level we need far more support and understanding. What is the plan to reduce drink and drug driving in the long term?”

Images: Edward Lamb

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