Domestic abuse: we can talk about it

A bold, new five-year strategy for tackling domestic abuse in Wirral will launch next week – marking a joint commitment from partner organisations to support survivors and encourage people to talk about the issue.

The online event will be held at 10am on Wednesday 25 November, and is open to anyone who would like to find out more.

Featuring the voices of domestic abuse survivors, council leaders, and dedicated local domestic abuse champions, the launch will run through five key priorities for delivering long-term change in Wirral.

Chair of Wirral Council’s Adult Social Care and Committee, Councillor Yvonne Nolan, said, “Next week’s event is an important way to bring together a number of voices who have contributed to our five-year plan for domestic abuse in Wirral.

“We aim to bring communities and professionals together to encourage an open approach to tackling domestic abuse – because if we can talk about it, we can start to make a real change.

“The strategy also aims to increase confidence in local support services and offer hope for the future, embedding longer-term change using a more flexible approach.

“I look forward to discussing this important issue at the event, and would love to see residents and community groups there on the day.”

The strategy was produced by Wirral Council in collaboration with residents and community groups. It outlines different forms of abuse and the detrimental impact it can have in a person’s life, alongside eye-opening local statistics.

Designed to be read by professionals as well as those who are experiencing domestic abuse, it calls for a holistic approach to supporting survivors and the wider family – empowering them to go on to live the lives they want in the future.

Five priorities for local domestic abuse support organisations for 2020-2025:

  • Be there when we’re needed
  • Increase safety for those at risk, without adding to their trauma
  • Reduce opportunities for perpetrators to abuse
  • Support people to live the lives they want after harm occurs
  • A better, kinder future for the next generation

The new strategy moves away from the ‘zero tolerance’ narrative, making it clear that professionals will not take an ‘all or nothing’ stance before offering advice and support. Services will listen, offer choices, and support anyone experiencing domestic abuse to be in control.

To support the launch of the five-year plan, Wirral Council has also revised its own internal domestic abuse policy to support staff, families, and its local community.

Photos by Karolina Grabowska