Dementia Action Week to focus on falling diagnosis rates

Research shows that the biggest barrier to people seeking a dementia diagnosis is the misconception that symptoms like memory loss are a sign of normal ageing.

Diagnosis rates are at a five-year low – made worse by Covid restrictions – and as a result, tens of thousands of people are now living with undiagnosed dementia. This means they don’t have access to the vital care and support that a diagnosis can bring.

Getting a diagnosis can be daunting, but it’s always better to know. Nine out of 10 people living with dementia say that early diagnosis helped them to get support and plan for the future.

Dementia Action Week is an awareness-raising campaign that this year is focussing on diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s Society, local voluntary groups and care services across the country are encouraging people who may have memory problems or other symptoms, or know someone who has, to seek advice from their GP or from one of the many dementia support agencies.

During Dementia Action Week, there are lots of special activities taking place locally, for example:

  • Tuesday 17 May – online Love To Move chair-based exercises.
  • Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool. Free events –
    • 16-19 May, 10.00-4.00 My Palm House, gathering and sharing personal recollections.
    • Wednesday 18 May 2.00-4.00 – Memories of the Palm House. Chat, music, singing, sharing photos
  • Wednesday 18 May – dementia stall at LUSH, Church St, Liverpool, with Onward Homes
  • Wednesday 18 May 10.00-2.00 – dementia information stand at Formby Library, Duke Street
  • Wednesday 18 May – launch of new Memory Cafe at Royal Liverpool Hospital
  • Right At Home, Allerton Road, Liverpool will be delivering a dementia awareness session and many more.

Anyone concerned about their memory, confusion or other thinking difficulties should consult their GP. General advice about dementia can be provided by Alzheimer’s Society, Mersey Care or other local health services.

Image courtesy of Alzheimer’s Society

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