Crowdfunding campaign launched to save historic Merseyrail train from scrapyard

On 25 October 1978, a new era dawned on Merseyside’s railways when Queen Elizabeth II travelled from Moorfields to Kirkby on a brand new class 507 electric train.

46 years later that very same train, once again resplendent in blue and grey livery, is heading for retirement after travelling over five million miles in service.

With the introduction of the state-of-the-art class 777 trains, the former workhorses of the Merseyrail fleet are gradually being sent to the scrapyard.

However, the Class 507 Preservation Society has reached an agreement with Angel Trains, the current owners of the fleet, to take possession of the former Royal Train when it is withdrawn from service this summer.

The society plan to move the train to the Nant Mawr visitor centre at the Tanat Valley Light Railway just south of Llangollen. Nant Mawr is home to a wide variety of locomotives and rolling stock, as well the UK’s largest collection of industrial monorail equipment, including some used in a James Bond film.

There are also award-winning nature trails through the surrounding woodland with many parts of the site having step-free access.

However, the society needs £10,000 to move the train from the scrapyard to their safe location, and they need it in time for the train’s final withdrawal in July. The society has launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover the transport costs and keep the train secure for future generations.

Society chairman Robert Hampton said, “The class 507 trains have served the Liverpool City Region well in their 46 years. We hope we can repay their service by raising the funds needed to give 507001 a well-earned retirement in the Shropshire countryside.

“Lots of people will have happy memories of travelling on these trains, from a day out at the beach to a night out on the town. But without the help of people who remember travelling on these trains, they are now destined to be sent to South Wales where they will cut up and turned into razor blades.

“We don’t want to see that happen; we want to preserve this train and then tell the story of how the railways helped build the Liverpool City Region.”

Many people travelling to and from work by train have a favourite seat where they prefer to sit. Now, the society is offering you the chance to have your name on your seat and help save this historic Scouse royal train from the scrapyard at the same time.

Visit the society website at to donate to their Crowdfunder appeal and claim a range of rewards, from limited edition badges to being able to sponsor your very own seat.

You can also send a cheque, payable to “Class 507 Preservation Society” to 54 Woodsorrel Road, Liverpool L15 6UD. The crowdfunding appeal closes on 29 June 2024.

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