COVID-19: Joint Statement by Metro Mayor, Acting Mayor, & Council Leaders across Liverpool City Region

A joint statement has been issued by the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor, The Acting Mayor and Council Leaders across the region regarding the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown in England. This is the statement in full:

Dear residents

This week we welcome the first tranche of relaxed restrictions, as set out in the Government’s ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown in England.

From today, we will see changes including schools and colleges reopening for all students, changes to outdoor exercise and recreation rules and the return of further childcare activities. The stay-at-home rule will remain in place until 29 March at the earliest.

The four-step roadmap sets out further plans, expected in the coming weeks and months, which are focused on bringing the nation back to a sense of normality later this year.

But, while start dates for each step are marked out by this plan, it is key to remember that these are just projections. The timings of each stage of the journey rely on the government being sure it is safe to move from one step to the next.

If the evidence shows that the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 is increasing as restrictions ease, then we will not move to the next step – nor should we.

Locally, we have been in a position like this before. Last year, our region experienced surging COVID-19 cases under a national spotlight. We brought our case numbers back under control thanks to the commitment of our key workers and, in no small part, to the resolve of our residents and businesses to do the right things.

It is vital that all communities across the Liverpool City Region work together again and continue to embrace the public health measures and guidance that have brought us this far.

We must continue to:

  • stay home while we are being asked to
  • wash our hands regularly
  • cover our faces when out and about
  • keep our distance from those we do not live with
  • get tested – wherever necessary

Let us not lose sight of the ultimate goal. Yes, the possibility of a return to the way things used to be is exciting for many of us, but we will not get there by 21 June if we do not act responsibly.

So, while this week’s changes feel like the start of the end of this crisis, please remember that keeping ourselves and those around us safe is the main priority. If we can do that, the rest will follow.

For now, please stay home and stay safe.

A summary of the further steps in the roadmap can be accessed here.

Further to the joint statement, latest figures show that there were 287 new cases of COVID-19 (Pillar 1 & 2) reported for Wirral in the figures for the week ending 26 February, down from 386 during the previous week.

Infection rate by ward for week ending 26 February 2021
New Brighton 323.8/100,000
Seacombe 168.3/100,000
Liscard 130.3/100,000
Bidston & St. James 129.9/100,000
Bromborough 123.3/100,000
Leasowe & Moreton East 113,7/100,000
Rock Ferry 95.5/100,000
Eastham 99.0/100,000
Birkenhead & Tranmere 83.8/100,000
Upton 77.1/100,000
Oxton 93.5/100,000
Clatterbridge 91.7/100,000
West Kirby & Thurstaston 55.4/100,000
Wallasey 40.8/100,000
Moreton West & Saughall Massie 42.6/100,000
Prenton 33.9/100,000
Pensby & Thingwall 38.2/100,000
Hoylake & Meols 37.5/100,000
Heswall 31.8/100,000
Claughton 34.6/100,000
Greasby, Frankby & Irby 36.5/100,000
Bebington 38.2/100,000