Couple jailed for £117k theft from husband’s parents

A husband and wife have been jailed after they abused their position as legal power of attorney and stole over £117,000 from an elderly couple in Liverpool.

Diane Mansell (right) aged 58 and Gary Mansell (left) aged 61, of Liverpool were jailed on Wednesday, 8 November for six years at Liverpool Crown Court for fraud by abuse of position and money laundering.

In 2017 Diane and Gary Mansell acted as legal power of attorney for Gary’s parents and moved into their home after one of them had a serious fall that year.

This led to an agreement for the couple to sell their home which was sold in 2019 but no proceeds were ever paid to them with Diane and Gary spending it on holidays, dental work and paying off their credit cards.

The couple alleged they had £27,000 remaining from equity release and £23,000 from the sale of cars in their account which had been taken when they checked their bank account with social services however they were left with 28 pence.

Detectives investigating the case obtained a search warrant for the Mansell’s address and seized high-value items inside. The investigation found that Gary and Diane used the money to benefit themselves through high-end purchases and going on all-inclusive holidays.

Gary and Diane were arrested and placed on bail whilst further investigations were carried out into their finances. They were both found guilty by a jury last week and were remanded into custody.

Police Constable Danny Molyneux who was the original investigation officer in this case said, “I would like to thank the victims for their bravery and support for the prosecution.

“The defendants were placed into a position of trust which they betrayed, to leave the victim with no money and no home. Merseyside Police will seek to protect the most vulnerable in society and pursue those who take advantage to benefit themselves.

“Gary and Diane abused their position of trust which had a devastating impact on the couple. It was clear that they had no regard or compassion for their victims and will now be left to consider the full consequences of their actions behind bars.

“Fraud can and does devastate families. I hope that this sentencing sends a clear message about how seriously police and the courts take such offences.”

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Image: Merseyside Police

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