Council investigating fly tipping in Bromborough and Eastham

Wirral Council is investigating two “disgusting” fly tipping incidents after carpets, black bags and ceiling materials were left dumped on the road.

One incident took place on Dock Road North near the Port Sunlight River Park in Bromborough while another took place near Eastham Country Park.

Both incidents are believed to have happened in the early hours between January 25 and 26 and are being investigated separately by Wirral Council.

Fly-tipping or the illegal disposal of household, industrial, commercial or other waste is a serious criminal offence for which people can be prosecuted. It also costs Wirral Council more than an estimated £500,000 to clear up as well as more than an estimated £82,000 to investigate.

Katrina Jones who reported the incident on Dock Road North said “It is so disgusting,” adding, “It just seems that this is a recurring thing on the Wirral. These wagons are coming in overnight and dumping their trucks.”

According to statistics published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), there were 3,635 incidents of fly-tipping across Wirral between April 2022 and March 2023 with most of these being either on the road or down back alleyways.

Wirral Council said it “will always seek to prosecute anyone who we can prove has fly-tipped” but despite investigating 2,488 incidents, the local authority issued only three warning letters and no fixed penalty notices in the same time period.

Ms Jones said, “I find that absolutely unbelievable. With all the doorbell cameras and phones, you can’t get away with anything anymore. As the public we all need to stick together and think that behaviour isn’t right.

“I think the public are thinking they are being fined. We are paying for it at the end of the day but what deterrent is that? There is none.”

Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment, Climate Emergency and Transport Committee for Wirral Council, said, “Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime, it is one we take very seriously due to the impact it has on people’s quality of life and the cost in environmental as well as financial terms.

“I encourage residents to report all incidents of fly-tipping to the council at the earliest opportunity and with as much information and evidence they can provide. Reports are logged and Environmental Enforcement Officers will investigate and look for evidence linking it to an offender. They will always seek to prosecute anyone who we can prove has fly-tipped.

“Reports are also passed over immediately to Wirral’s street cleansing contractor, Biffa, to remove the waste according to priority.”

Details of how to report flytipping on the Wirral can be found on Wirral Council’s website


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