Closure order on Wallasey property following continued anti-social behaviour

Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team working in partnership with Merseyside Police have today obtained a Closure Order on a property in Stringhey Road, Wallasey.

The Order was sought after complaints from the local community that people were attending the address day and night and engaging in anti-social behaviour. The behaviour included threats, shouting, foul language, assaults, people banging on the property to be let in, constant visitors to the address all day and night and breaches of a Partial Closure Order that was granted on 21 July 2021.

Wirral Council’s ASB Team started receiving complaints regarding the address on 10 May 2021 but despite a closure warning being served to the tenant of the address, the behaviour continued.

A closure notice was served on the property on 8 July 2021 only allowing the tenant and her family to remain until a full hearing.

On 21 July a 3-month Partial Closure Order was granted and served on the property only allowing the tenant and her immediate family to enter the address.

Unfortunately, Wirral Council’s ASB Team received further reports of anti-social behaviour and also reports of breaches of the Partial Closure Order which resulted in individuals being summoned by Merseyside Police. A further application was submitted for a full Closure Order to prevent any person from entering the property and provide much-needed respite to the local community.

The order which remains in force for 3 months until 2 February 2022, now prohibits any person from entering the property or garden areas unless they have permission to do so from Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

Any individuals that are found to be in the property with no legal entitlement to be there are subject to being arrested and are liable for a prison sentence of up to 3 months or a fine of up to £5000.00 or both. The family are now being supported by Officers from the Councils Social Services Department.

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