Climate Crisis Arts Festival to coincide with Earth Hour 2022

A free programme of short films, audio plays and podcasts by women from West Lancashire and Liverpool is launching to coincide with this year’s Earth Hour.

The 400 Parts Per Million Festival, produced by Theatre in the Rough, explores young women’s experience of the Climate Crisis – as women are statistically most likely to be affected by the impacts of climate change.

The participants have been working with climate activists, artists and scientists from around the world for the past six months to learn more about the issues. They have even found time to launch an original podcast series with guests including Springwatch’s Gillian Burke.

From a clown battling with a recycling bin to an exploration of witchcraft and climate, their work is bold, funny, and provocative.

It is free to access from Saturday 26 March by visiting This coincides with Earth Hour 2022, when millions of people across the world switch off their lights in support of nature and our planet.

Chris Fittock, Director of Theatre in the Rough, said, “Women are under-represented in both STEM and the arts. Yet, globally, they are the most likely to be affected by climate change. This project aims to empower young women to be the artistic and ecological leaders we need.”

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