Clatterbridge leading the way in important prostate cancer clinical trial

A huge, UK-wide clinical research trial looking at improvements to the treatment of prostate cancer and launched at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral is nearing its completion after six years and more than 2,000 patients taking part.

Clatterbridge has been the highest recruiter in the country for the study, with more than 400 Clatterbridge patients enrolled in the PIVOTALboost clinical trial, which is headed up by consultant oncologist Professor Isabel Syndikus, who is Chief Investigator.

The clinical trial is nearing its target total of 2,229 patients recruited to the study across 41 sites in the UK, after it was launched in January 2018.

The study is open to men receiving radical radiotherapy for localised prostate cancer with higher risk features.

Researchers want to find out whether radiotherapy with focal boosts improves on the outcome for patients. The study is also designed to look at side effects and discover more about the quality of life that patients have during and after treatment.

Prof Syndikus said after reaching the 400 figure at Clatterbridge, “PIVOTALboost is an important study for the future of treatment for prostate cancer. I would like to thank the patients, my wonderful colleagues and hard-working research team at Clatterbridge who have enabled us to reach this impressive milestone.”

Dr Gillian Heap, Director of Research and Innovation Operations, said, “We are delighted that Prof Syndikus’s trial is nearing its target total and with more than 400 patients recruited at Clatterbridge.

“PIVOTALboost is a huge study which has needed a great deal of focus by the trial team and will hopefully bring some very meaningful results that can be taken forward to improve the treatment of prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer for men in the UK.”

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