Central Park at Liverpool Waters given planning approval

The 4.7-acre park situated at Central Docks is poised to become one of the most extensive green areas in the city and is a crucial component of the Liverpool Waters Development’s next phase.

The park’s blueprint entails the planting of numerous trees, community gardens, play zones, sports and recreational areas, as well as wildlife conservation efforts.

The Central Docks area is now being redeveloped as a combined business and leisure district that will feature a new cultural hub.

The proposed plan has been granted approval, and it involves constructing essential infrastructure that will facilitate the development of roughly 2,350 new homes, and commercial, retail, and recreational areas within the Central Docks area in the coming decade.

Liverpool Waters aims to rejuvenate a 60-hectare expanse that encompasses the central and northern docks of the city, thereby establishing a world-class, diverse community on Liverpool’s waterfront.

Upon completion, this development is set to generate employment opportunities for the city and reinforce the bond between the waterfront and the city centre.

Image: Peel L & P

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