Casting call for young actors for Port Sunlight production

The Power Foundation For Young People Charity is putting on a play at The Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight and is searching for a lead actor.

The play explores Lord Lever’s influence on the Congo from 1911. Written by Kai Jolley, it is a pithy and humorous script.

The blurb for the performance reads, “From humble beginnings in Northern England to the heat of the Congo he built his Empire. In 1911, after signing an agreement with the Belgium government, Lord Lever established palm oil plantations, but at what cost? A school trip to a museum opens the door to the past meeting the present; What has 100 years taught us, has today blurred into yesterday?”

Christopher Lee-Power of the Power Foundation For Young People said, “We have a multicultural cast except for one of the lead roles, Renee (age 16), and two young teenagers. 

“We put out our casting call through the normal channels, and incredibly there is a lack of black actors who have responded.”

Christopher said that the play is a balanced look at the past from the present day’s point of view and vice versa. He said, “The plot involves a museum, a school trip, and some magic, full of humour but with a serious undertone that will entertain and educate the audience.

“We would like to put out an urgent appeal for budding actors for these key roles.”

The play is being produced by the Power Foundation For Young People Charity, a performing arts charity that helps the youth in the community by staging events and giving people a chance to develop their hidden talents.

If you are interested in the acting role, you can contact the Power Foundation through their website

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