Carrie Williams celebrates her 100th birthday at Riversdale Care Home in West Kirby

Carrie Williams, a resident at Riversdale Care Home in West Kirby, has celebrated being a centurion with a special celebration in the home.

Born on 9 March 1923 in County Durham, Carrie attended the local village school before becoming a qualified Psychiatric Nurse. While working at Cherry Knowles Hospital in Country Durham, she met her future husband Danny who was recovering from injuries sustained in World War II. The two fell in love and were married in 1945.

After getting married, they relocated to Birkenhead, Danny’s hometown, where they lived together for over 50 years until Danny’s death.

They had two children, Kathleen and Bernard, four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. All the family still live in West Kirby.

Carrie’s compassionate and helpful personality, which she developed during her time as a qualified nurse, still shines through to this day. Despite being significantly older than the other residents in the home, she constantly watches out for them and ensures their well-being.

Upon her retirement, Carrie found joy in caring for her grandchildren and volunteering at St Michaels and All the Angels, her local church.

Carrie adored the late Queen and was proud to have received multiple letters from her. On her 100th birthday, she was thrilled to receive a birthday card from King Charles. Celebrations began at Riversdale with a buffet, a singer, and everyone singing “Happy Birthday,” including Carrie’s family, friends, fellow residents, and the entire team.

Carrie as a young nurse
Danny and Carrie on their Wedding Day

Amber, Care Home Manager at Riversdale Care Home said, “Celebrating such an amazing milestone in someone’s life is always wonderful. Everyone has had a lovely afternoon celebrating with Carrie, who had a wonderful time celebrating her special birthday. There was lots of reminiscing about Carrie’s life over the last 100 years, which is always so wonderful to hear.” Carrie’s daughter Kathy Johnson said “It is wonderful that mum is able to celebrate such a milestone birthday, which I believe is thanks to Amber, the Manager, and all the team at Riversdale who have made such an impact on mum’s life in such a short space of time which all the family really appreciate. Mum and all the family and friends have had a wonderful afternoon and we couldn’t have asked for a better 100th birthday celebration.”

Bernie Suresparan, Executive Chairman, We Care Group said, “It sounds like Carrie and everyone at Riversdale Care Home had a wonderful time celebrating Carrie’s 100th Birthday. It is a privilege and honour for We Care Group to care for elderly people and hear about the wonderful lives they have lived. We take great delight in helping them celebrate their birthdays and created wonderful memories.”

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