Care worker jailed after elderly woman was left without care and died alone

A 25-year-old care-worker has been sentenced for wilful neglect.

Miya James, of St Helens, was jailed for eight months at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday, Wednesday 26 October.

James was supposed to attend the home of a woman in her 70s to check on her welfare but failed to complete three of the four visits assigned to her across a two-day period in January 2021.

The victim, who had mobility issues and lived on her own in the upstairs of her home, relied on the support of her carer, whose duties included bringing her food and seeing to her personal care.

The pensioner was found passed away in her bedroom on Monday 25 January by a family member. The cause of death was given as COVID-19.

Following police enquiries, it was discovered that James had failed to attend her scheduled visits and had falsely logged her attendance on the care company’s system.

Detective Constable Alexandra Lawrence said, “This was clearly a very tragic case in which a vulnerable elderly lady was left without care and died alone.

“The lady and her family were self-isolating due to COVID at the time and she was obviously totally reliant on her carers.

“James was the person given responsibility for looking after her but failed in her most basic duties.

“Although nothing can change what has happened I hope that the sentencing of James by the courts provides the family with some justice and allows them to move on and grieve their loss.”

Image: Merseyside Police

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