Car used at Bromborough ‘car meets’ seized in Woodchurch

Merseyside Police has been working to reduce anti-social vehicle use at arranged car meets taking place in Bromborough.

This activity has been taking place over a period of months and it is generating a large volume of calls from the community.

A police spokesperson said, “Locals to Bromborough are being harassed by the anti-social driving conducted by those involved in the car meets.

“We have been working with the Wirral Anti-Social behaviour team to implement a Public Space Protection Order which is now close to being completed.”

This week Officers have responded to reports of a car meet that took place on Wednesday night on Riverview Road. Officers identified the main offending vehicle and driver who was seen drifting on the public road.

The police spokesperson continued, “This driving is highly dangerous and the road is not designed for such use.”

“The vehicle involved is also modified with an extremely loud exhaust and using such a vehicle at 11pm is causing distress to the local residents.

“This morning we have traced said vehicle and owner, who has already been formally warned about his driving this year.

“Subsequently we have seized the vehicle and it now remains in our compound. We will not sit by and allow this behaviour and proactive policing tactics are being used to prevent such activity.”

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