Cannabis plants and equipment seized in Tranmere

Merseyside Police has seized 159 cannabis plants after a warrant was carried out at a property in Tranmere on Wednesday, 22 November.

Officers attended an address on North Road and found cannabis plants and equipment spread across three rooms.

Enquiries are ongoing to locate the occupants.

The house was made safe and the Merseyside Police Cannabis Dismantling Team (CDT) seized all items.

Matt Brown, who heads the CDT, said, “As always with such cannabis farms, a significant risk has been removed from the local community.

“Fire, floods and violent crime all result from such set-ups, so it is vital that people are aware of the signs that cannabis is being grown in your area, and highlight any concerns to police as soon as possible.

“People who use cannabis in any quantity might think they are doing no real harm to others, but each and every ounce purchased is contributing towards organised crime across Merseyside, where serious violence and disputes are often the result.”

Matt explains how you can spot signs of cannabis being grown near where you live

Some of the signs that cannabis is being grown are:
– Strange smells and sounds
– Frequent and varied visitors to a property, often at unusual times
– Gardening equipment being taken into a property, such as plant pots, fertiliser, fans and industrial lighting
– Windows are sealed and covered or the curtains are permanently closed
– Heat from an adjoining property
– Birds gathering on a roof in cold weather

If you have any information in relation to the production, storage or supply of drugs contact @MerpolCC or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Always call 999 if a crime is progress.

Image: Merseyside Police

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