Calday Grange Grammar School wins innovation award for AI-powered stethoscope

In an inspiring showcase of young talent and ingenuity, Calday Grange Grammar School has clinched the Year 12/13 Innovation Award at this year’s prestigious Raspberry Pi Competition, hosted by PA Consulting.

The team, consisting of talented sixth-form students, Darragh E, Nithin R, and Abel K, has created a revolutionary medical device that could potentially transform the way cardiac irregularities are diagnosed.

The award-winning project features a low-cost, 3D-printed digital stethoscope equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) developed by the students themselves.

This innovative device listens to heart sounds and uses the AI model to accurately diagnose heart conditions such as arrhythmias and murmurs. Impressively, the AI model boasted a 98.2% accuracy rate during tests conducted by the students.

The digital stethoscope is designed with both affordability and accessibility in mind, aiming to make advanced medical tools available to a broader range of healthcare professionals, particularly in underserved areas. The cost-effective production and ease of use of the device represent significant strides towards democratising medical technology.

Following their success at the competition, the students are now engaging with several teaching hospitals to explore the practical application of their invention in real-world medical settings. This collaboration aims to validate the effectiveness and reliability of their device in everyday clinical use.

The Raspberry Pi Competition, an annual event aimed at fostering innovation and creativity among UK students, provides a platform for participants to apply their coding and technological skills to solve real-world problems. Calday Grange Grammar School’s achievement not only highlights the potential of young minds to impact the field of healthcare technology but also sets a remarkable example of how academic projects can translate into practical, life-saving applications.

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