Calday Grange Grammar School celebrates victory in Regional Bar Mock Trial Competition

Calday Grange Grammar School has announced that its Bar Mock Trial Team has emerged victorious in the Regional Heats of the Bar Mock Trial Competition, held in Chester on Saturday, 9 December.

This significant achievement has secured the team a place in the prestigious National Bar Mock Competition, which will be held at the Old Bailey (Court of Appeal) in London in 2024.

Bar Mock Trial is an educational competition where students from various schools engage in a mock court case before a real judge. The competition tests students’ understanding of the legal system, their ability to think critically, and their public speaking skills.

Calday Grange Grammar School’s team demonstrated exceptional legal understanding and advocacy, which led them to outperform their rivals, including the previous champions Wirral Grammar School for Girls, and the runner-up, Upton Hall FCJ.

The success of the Calday team is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the high quality of legal education provided by the school. The victory is not only a significant achievement for the team members but also a source of great pride for the entire Calday Grange Grammar School community.

Mr Gray, Headteacher of Calday Grange Grammar School, said, “We are incredibly proud of our Bar Mock Trial Team for their outstanding performance in the regional competition. Their success reflects the commitment of our students to excellence and the support and guidance provided by our dedicated staff. We look forward to the national competition and are confident that our team will represent our school with distinction.”

As the team prepares for the National Bar Mock Competition, they carry with them the support and best wishes of the entire Calday community. This achievement highlights the school’s commitment to providing opportunities for students to excel both inside and outside the classroom.

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