Calday Grange excels at British Council Chinese Speaking Competition

During the half term, the British Council Chinese Speaking Competition of the UK hosted an online ceremony and announced the prizes in the 2022 speaking competition.

The competition represents the main event in the subject, and the best Chinese speakers in UK secondary schools participate and compete for the prizes.

All candidates will first qualify through regional heats before they can enter the national final a few months later. In the final, the competitors will give a free speech and then answer the judges’ questions.

They have to translate various sentences and describe a given scene with one-minute preparation. The three candidates from Calday Grange Grammar School, Ben Copper (Y8), Maxim Hornby (Y11) and Spencer Jones (Y13), all won the 1st prize, in the three categories “Beginner Plus Level”, “Intermediate Plus Level” and “Advanced Level.”

It is the first time ever a single school in the UK has won more than one category in the competition, and Calday won all the top prizes this year.

A spokesperson for the school said, “It is a real pleasure to congratulate Spencer, Maxim and Ben for their wonderful effort. They have been working tirelessly during breaks and form times to prepare for the final, alongside all their other exams! Many thanks also to our competitors’ parents, who have offered so much support and encouragement!

“Finally, I would like to thank our wonderful volunteer teacher Xiaoyu Zhao and Y8 teacher Huicong Liu for their dedication and hard work, and the school and the MFL for their support and for making it possible for us to participate in the competition.”

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