Bromborough firm invests £700k in renewable energy project

Global fashion brand Oh Polly have today confirmed their investment in a £700K renewable energy project.

A spokesperson for the Bromborough based fashion brand said, “We know the world is changing and so are we. We don’t just want to talk about our goals, we want to achieve them and creating a safe and sustainable workplace is a critical part of our strategy to become leaders in our field and true visionaries in the world of online fashion. 

“This month we will be taking a huge step towards achieving our goals by installing a state-of-the-art hybrid heating and renewable energy solution at our Bromborough site.”

Oh Polly has partnered with one of the UK’S leading experts in the field who will be installing a bespoke Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP) on-site, which will provide the majority of the heat and electricity needed, along with roof-mounted Solar PV panels which will provide additional electricity boosts as required.

This sounds impressive but what does it actually mean?  

It means that Oh Polly is well on the way to achieving its goals. This specifically designed system will provide a clean and renewable heat source for the entire warehouse facility and office space.

It will provide year-round warmth when necessary and make the staff’s workplace as comfortable as it possibly can be.  

This huge project has been driven by Oh Polly’s aim to deliver on their core values and set the bar within their industry.  

A spokesperson for Oh Polly said, “Yes, we love our customers here at Oh Polly and a happy, motivated team is central to delivering on that ethos. It’s all about the zero’s for us as a business now. We are already achieving our commitment to zero to landfill and now our Bromborough site will be carbon zero by November.

“As a performance-driven organisation with a real passion to be leaders in our field we will continue to use our energy, resources, passion and skills to ensure this project is a huge success and a major step on our sustainability journey.”

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