Bromborough fashion house donates £5,000 to Young Women’s Trust charity

On Wednesday 22 December 2021, Oh Polly alongside sister company Bo+Tee donated £5,000 to the Young Women’s Trust charity. 

The Bromborough based global fashion house and activewear brand are well known for their frequent participation in charitable events. This year alone they have donated to over 10 charities, including their most recent contribution to Glasgow Women’s Aid in celebration of Giving Tuesday. 

One young woman, Meg, said, “I feel like ‘Young Women’s Trust’ has given me roots that have enabled me to grow and blossom. Using the free Work It Out support service was like the icing on the cake in terms of feeling like the world was not so scary.

“Overall, I think that my experience has let me feel as though I belong in the world and have something positive to offer out of it.”

Lily Kendall, Corporate Partnerships Manager, Young Women’s Trust said, “Young women have been among the hardest hit financially by the pandemic so your support comes at a vital time.

“Young Women’s Trust is a feminist organisation working to achieve economic justice for young women. Our Work It Out coaching service supports young women to make plans for the future. Thank you for helping us fund and share our work so more young women can have a positive start to 2022.”

Giving back is at the heart of everything Oh Polly and Bo+Tee do. So much so, the owners of the brands Claire Henderson and Mike Branney founded their very own charity, The Brannerson Foundation. This is a Cambodia-based charity, supported by every purchase made at either brand.  So far, more than £500,000 has been donated to The Brannerson Foundation  and more than 400 children have been helped.

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