Bromborough fashion brand donates £10k to women’s health charity

On Friday 29th April 2022, Oh Polly and Bo+Tee donated £10,000 to Wellbeing of Women, a charity improving the health of women, girls and babies across their lifecourse.

Led by women’s voices, Wellbeing of Women improves health and wellbeing through research, education and advocacy. 

Following this donation, the global fashion and activewear brands are set to partner with Wellbeing of Women, to educate and spread awareness among their followers, customers and staff. 

Janet Lindsay, CEO of Wellbeing of Women, said, “Sadly, many women’s health issues, including period problems, fertility, and gynaecological cancers, are still shrouded in stigma and taboo.

“Women often feel dismissed, unable to talk about their health concerns openly and can live in pain and discomfort as a result. These issues impact women at all life stages, but a culture of silence and taboo means women’s health has not received the attention or funding it desperately needs. We want to change this.

“With Oh Polly’s generous donation, we can continue to invest in world-class research, champion education, tackle taboos, and advocate for women. Together, we can help ensure that women’s lives are not limited by their gynaecological and reproductive health and are able to thrive throughout life.”

This is not the first time Oh Polly and Bo+Tee have been known for their charity work. The brands work very closely with The Martin Gallier Project for internal support around suicide prevention and recently trained a select number of staff as in-house Mental Health First Aiders. 

This year alone the brands have donated to eight charities including SHOUT 85258, Young Lives vs Cancer, Downtown LA Shelter, Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, The Homeless Project Scotland, UNICEF, Chris’ House and Humane Society International. 

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