Boy with complex educational needs faces fourth school move

A “heartbroken” Liverpool mum has raised concerns about her son being moved to his fourth school amid his complex educational needs.

Ashlea Rimmer has said she fears for her son, Alfie, eight, when the new school term starts after the family were told he would be moved from a specialist one-to-one provision to Hope School in Belle Vale. Alfie has autism, ADHD and mental health issues.

Ashlea told the LDRS how her son initially began his schooling in a mainstream setting but was transferred to a special location to meet his needs. This took a toll on the family, travelling 64 miles a day from Wirral.

His mum Ashlea said after taking the decision to move back over the water to Liverpool, their world was brought crashing down when education officials told them he would be moved from his dedicated school to a new location from September.

She said, “Alfie has a full-time education after four years, in a class of two children because he couldn’t handle a larger class. His needs are severely high and he has all the support he needs from a school psychologist and occupational therapist on a weekly basis. 

“Alfie has built trusting relationships with his peers, he is settling amazingly and has a normal school life which is what we have always wanted.” The mum-of-two said she was “shocked” at her son being moved out of the school and feared his needs would not be met in a new location.

She added, “This is his fourth school already, he’s eight years old. I have to go through all this again to get another school when he is settled and content in his current school.

“I was told if I stayed in Wirral then there wouldn’t have been an issue with him staying in the school. Imagine having to leave your family home to accommodate your child’s needs to be swept away from you in a heartbeat. 

“Not only did I have to uproot Alfie but also my other little boy to a new school.  As you can imagine I am so upset and heartbroken that this is happening. 

“His headteacher has also advised she is happy to keep him and he is thriving in their environment.”

A spokesperson for Liverpool City Council said, “While it is not appropriate to comment on the specifics of individual cases we can confirm that the Education Health and Care Plan process has been followed which would include consultations with schools to ensure that they can meet the pupil’s needs.

“We also work closely with parents and carers and the chosen school to ensure that pupils transfer successfully to a new placement.

“As always, parents have the right to appeal any decision that is made.”

Images: Ashlea Rimmer’s son Alfie

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