Boating Lake in Birkenhead to remain closed for the time-being

Following an inspection by the Environment Agency, the boating lake on Gautby Road in Birkenhead will remain closed for now as harmful levels of blue-green algae are present.

The lake was temporarily closed for safety reasons on 24 June, until an inspection could be done by the Environment Agency, after officers suspected there to be blue-green algae.

The inspection has now been carried out and has revealed that a high concentration of blue-green algae is present in the lake and therefore, to protect visitors to the area (including pets), the lake will remain closed for now. Blue-green algae is known to be dangerous to people and animals.

All visitors are asked to avoid the water and to keep dogs and animals on leads when near the lake.

The Environment Agency will continue working with the council to carry out inspections and tests of the water to see when the lake is safe to reopen again.

In the meantime, the council and the boating club will be undertaking aeration works – which will involve pumping oxygen into the water to increase the water flow – to help lower the amount of blue-green algae.

If further tests reveal that blue-green algae remains in high concentrations, treatments will be looked at so that the lake can reopen.

Signs have been installed to tell people using the area that the lake is closed and to reinforce the reason for its closure.

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