Boat owners to claim their boats from Meols Parade

Owners of boats and other items at Meols Parade are being encouraged to come forward and claim them as the council prepares to make safety improvements to the area.

More than 30, mostly unused, boats, dingys and other marine related items have been at Meols Parade for a number of years and in an attempt to protect resident safety, improve the surrounding area and reinstate the car park, the boats and other items now need to be removed.

Some of the boats are in serious disrepair and are causing a significant safety hazard. These boats have been cordoned off to warn walkers and residents using the area to avoid them.

The council has tried to identify the owners of the boats through different means, including contacting the local yacht groups and the RNLI, but no residents have come forward to claim the items as yet. The next stage is for notices to be attached to the boats letting the owners know they need to move them within 28 days or legal steps will need to be taken to get the area cleared.

Notices have been issued and placed either on the safety fencing directly in front of each boat, or where it was safe to do so, directly onto the boats from Tuesday 16 February.

Residents who have tenders attached to the slipway in agreement with the council or have boats attached to the moorings on the other side of the slipway remain unaffected by these notices.

Cllr Andrew Hodson, Chair Regulatory and General Purposes Committee at Wirral Council, says: “Boats have been stored in this area for a number of years. It’s clear that there are a number that haven’t been moved for a significant amount of time, have rotted and are no longer seaworthy. 

“We are trying to find the boat owners so we can make plans to get these boats moved on, and the area returned to somewhere that is safe, and attractive, for local people.”

Any boats that are considered dangerous and a safety risk will be issued with notices requesting they be moved immediately. All other boat owners will be given 28-days notice to make arrangements to move their vessel.

If boats are not moved voluntarily, the council will have to take legal action to move them on, make the area safe and start work to return it back to the wider community.

Owners should contact the council to claim their boats and will need to provide evidence of ownership as well as demonstrate they can safely remove them in order to minimise safety risks to the public.

Waste and rubbish will be removed from the site following the removal of all the boats to help to improve the area, get it ready for the introduction of the yellow lines and prepare the site for the reinstatement of the car park. Public notices about the introduction of yellow lines were displayed on 30 September 2020 and residents had a month period to comment (ended on 30 October 2020) with no objections received.