Blue Coat School teachers set to strike

The National Education Union (NEU) has announced a significant trade dispute at The Blue Coat School in Liverpool.

Almost 70 NEU members are set to take strike action, commencing on Tuesday, 14 May, with an additional five days of action scheduled throughout May and June.

In a recent formal ballot at The Blue Coat School, members have voted with a turnout of 91% and with an overwhelming 82% of the votes in favour of industrial action over:

1. An unmanageable workload and unsatisfactory arrangements for the allocation of work
2. Ineffective school mechanisms for negotiation and consultation
3. Safety concerns arising from dilapidated premises/equipment and management cultures

Bora Oktas, Regional Officer of the NEU, expressed grave concerns about the current situation, “The employer has been playing a dangerous game with our members since the start of this dispute in February. They are insincere. Their misleading tactics have not only affected staff but also parents and the local community.”

Mr Oktas continued, “The school management and trustees board have lost the trust and confidence of NEU members. Despite receiving taxpayer funds, they exhibit a total disregard for transparency and accountability. The misuse of public funds verges on corruption within the school.”

Peter Middleman, Regional Secretary of the NEU, added, “Student and their parents ought to be concerned that a leadership team which is costing an additional £250k in salaries now compared to last year – almost £1m in total – has demonstrated a gratuitous disinterest in resolving this dispute or examining their own collective weaknesses.

“What many consider to be a flagship school for the city is having its reputation further tarnished and our members realise that their line-in-the-sand defence of standards is something local communities will support them in.”


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