Blu the cat’s ‘purrfect’ return home after seven months

A heartwarming tale of a lost cat’s journey home has unfolded at Bidston Recycling Centre.

The staff at the facility played a pivotal role in reuniting a beloved feline companion with his owner after a seven-month separation.

The cat, 16-year-old Blu, had been missing since October 2023 and was found over five miles away from his home by Ian, Tony, and Hayley, who work at the Bidston Recycling Centre where Veolia manages the recycling and waste from homes across Wirral.

The team attended to the cat and captured a photo to share online, appealing to the community for help in identifying its owner.

Remarkably, the owner, Zara Parker from Hoylake, came across the photo and immediately recognised her furry friend in the photo.

Blu has now been safely reunited with his family, with the support of the local community who arranged for his microchip to be scanned.

Zara Parker, owner of Blu, said, “I want to say a big thank you to everyone that helped, I can’t thank them enough. He is an old boy so can’t believe he has survived such a traumatic experience, we are all so made up to have him back.”

“He had always been a garden cat so when he went missing in October it seemed so out of character. We think he must have gone into a bin or a car and ended up at Bidston recycling centre.”

Steve Mitchell, Regional Director from Veolia said, “Residents in the area will know us at Veolia as those who manage the waste and recycling across the Liverpool City Region, but we also consider ourselves as neighbours and members of the community.

“That’s why we’re so pleased that we were able to reunite Blu with his family.”

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Blu photographed by staff at Bidston Recycling Centre