Birkenhead’s creative Start-Yard set to expand

Start-Yard, the vibrant hub for startups and creative businesses in Birkenhead, has announced the upcoming launch of the second stage of their innovative warehouse container village.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Birkenhead and reflects Start-Yard’s commitment to fostering growth and collaboration within the local business community.

Located next to Birkenhead’s picturesque waterfront and adjacent to the historic Birkenhead Priory, Start-Yard has become a thriving centre for emerging businesses.

This expansion project, in line with the Wirral Council and Town Deal initiatives, will introduce ten new state-of-the-art work pods, along with a range of new amenities tailored to support entrepreneurs and creatives.

One of the standout additions to StartYard is the brand-new meeting room called “Pow Wow,” which will provide a versatile space for brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and client presentations.

Additionally, Start-Yard will introduce a photo studio, a green room for video production, and a dedicated podcast studio, all designed to cater to the evolving needs of the modern business landscape.

“We are delighted to unveil the second stage of our warehouse container village at Start-Yard,” said Chris Lee Founder of Start-Yard. “The expansion will offer exciting new opportunities for both growing businesses and early-stage startups in Birkenhead. We firmly believe that providing a collaborative environment and the necessary resources is crucial for entrepreneurial success, and this expansion project will enable us to support an even larger number of innovative ventures.”

The new spaces at Start-Yard are scheduled to be available starting this July. Startups and creative businesses will have the opportunity to benefit from affordable and flexible workspace solutions, extensive networking opportunities, and access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

To learn more about Start-Yard and the services they offer, please visit their website at

For inquiries or to arrange a tour of the facility, contact the Start-Yard team at 

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