Birkenhead publisher spotlighting young authors to host launch event

Birkenhead-based Marginal Publishing House will host their official launch as the UK’s first youth-led publishing house, publishing solely marginalised authors under the age of 25.

The launch will be held on Saturday, 27 January, 12pm-5pm, at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Slatey Road, Birkenhead. 

The launch of the Marginal Publishing House is a chance for people within Merseyside to gain insight into the often closed world of publishing and celebrate the people who are often overlooked and ignored when it comes to sharing their stories.

A spokesperson for Marginal Publishing House said, “The publishing sector has historically been one dominated by white, upper-class, able-bodied men and it is time that we begin to write a new history.

“The launch of the Marginal Publishing House signifies a shift in who is leading the discussions around inclusivity in publishing, sharing ways more young people can get involved in the sector and skill-sharing for people to start creating their own works to be shared with the world.

Youth Empowerment Director, Emily McChrystal said, “The world of publishing is one that can, and should, change. Marginal Publishing House is at the forefront of this change!”

Projects Coordinator, Ailis Lord, said, “The young people have worked so hard on this event, and it is a real honour to see all their ideas come to life. We hope that people come along and celebrate all that it means to be inclusive and creative in Merseyside.”

Projects Manager, Anna MacDonald, Said, “It cannot be understated how important this event is for the community, now more than ever we need people to invest their time and care into young people’s creative works and community-led initiatives.”.

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