Birkenhead mum whose home was flooded, “Thank you, Wirral from the bottom of my heart”

During the floods on Thursday 9 September, one Birkenhead family had it worse than many. Much worse.

Amy Caroline was at work when she was alerted by her partner that their house on Borough Road was flooding, and as can be seen in the video, it wasn’t just seeping in, it was a cascade of water pouring into their home.

Amy couldn’t get away from work and even if she could, it would have been near impossible to actually get to her house, such was the severity of the flooding.

Amy issued a plea on Facebook, “Please any help Borough Road is flooding and my daughter’s bedroom is downstairs I’m stuck at work partner is at home with two young children does anyone have any spare sandbags please????”

Speaking to, Amy said, “I was stuck at work, so my partner was with the children. The fire brigade official came round but all she could do was to turn the electrics off.

“We then had our housing officer come round and assess with an electrician they were very helpful and we were offered food and a place to stay from the people of Facebook they really were so helpful. However, we ended up sleeping in the house that night.”

On the morning of Friday 10, when all of the water had drained away, Amy added an update to Facebook, “When I finally got home that night the kids were fast asleep my partner was done in!

“After checking the damage, our laminate flooring is ruined, my Playstation is a waiting game, and my washing machine and dryer are making funny noises so testing all electrical today and hoping nothings broken.

“The sofa and cabinets are soaked at the bottom. I spent hours talking to neighbours last night that I never knew I had and we are all in the same position.”

Praising the newly befriended neighbours, and offers of assistance from strangers, Amy said, “They are so lovely and we are all helping each other. Once again I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your support in such a horrible time and I’m hoping it’s not costly. Thank you, Wirral from the bottom of my heart.”

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