Birkenhead MP – PM is ‘dead man walking’

“Boris Johnson has the haunted look of a dead man walking” said Mick Whitley, MP for Birkenhead, “The Tory Party is now hopelessly split, yet Johnson is still in office.”

Having survived a confidence vote by 211 votes to 148, the PM talked about now being able to “bash on.”

Mick Whitley said, “But behind that bravado lies the reality that 40% of his MPs want him gone and 60% are happy to tolerate a lawbreaker, a liar and one of the most unsavoury political hucksters to ever step foot in the Commons Chamber let alone Number Ten.”

“I know people in Birkenhead who have been sacked after receiving a fixed penalty notice. I know of people who have been hit with £10,000 fines for innocent posts on Facebook that were deemed a breach of lockdown rules.

“Yet Boris Johnson gets off with a few quid in a fine, backing from 211 hypocrites from the so-called party of law and order, and the chance to carry on letting the people of Birkenhead and beyond get battered by the cost-of-living crisis.

“This cannot go on – that is what my constituents are telling me. They are dismayed at the moral decay that now festers at the heart of British politics. Yesterday I visited Wakefield to support Labour’s candidate in the coming by-election. Just as in Birkenhead people were saying quite openly and quite rightly that Johnson had to go.

“The 211 MPs who supported him have defied the will of the people who elected them. The pressure to get rid of Johnson will grow and those MPs can be sure that the electorate will take note of their support for the lawbreaker in Downing Street. A Labour Government is the only sure way out of the mess Johnson has led this country into.”


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