Birkenhead MP – Boris Johnson a ‘compulsive liar’

Mick Whitley, the MP for Birkenhead greeted Boris Johnson’s response to the Sue Gray Report by saying, “I have said before that Boris Johnson is a liar. His statement to the House of Commons following the publication of the Sue Gray report into law-breaking parties in Ten Downing Street showed that he is a compulsive liar and a man without a shred of principle.

Mick Whitley issued a statement, the full text of which is below.

“In the face of overwhelming evidence that he wined, dined, and cavorted at a seemingly endless series of parties, Johnson has insisted that he did not realise that the rules he made were being broken, that he did not lie to the House about this and that he has made changes now so we should all move on.

“After all, surely his apology to the cleaners who tidied up the mess him and his gang of drunken sycophants had made shows he is sorry. Surely saying sorry and not meaning it is all the country needs from him. Surely praising his staff for their hard work in getting us through a crisis excuses the law breaking. And surely saying the abuse the cleaners and security staff suffered at the hands of his team was unacceptable show that Number Ten is now becoming a model workplace.


“Johnson’s refusal to accept that breaking the law and lying about it to Parliament are not reasons enough for him to go shows his utter contempt for the countless people who were unable to visit their dying or seriously ill loved ones, who suffered terrible loneliness and stress during their self-isolation, who could only see their parents in care homes through glass windows, who sacrificed so much for so long.

“The people abided by the rules that Johnson set. They made the sacrifices he called for. They suffered. He didn’t. He partied on and then lied through his teeth about it.

“This is a Prime Minister who is taking us all for fools. We must not let him. He has to resign now or be forced to go by the Tory MPs who have it in their power to unseat him. Anything else is a travesty.”


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