Birkenhead firm creates Britain’s first air fryer ready meal range

Birkenhead company boss Noel Davis has created a first-to-market range of 14 frozen ready meals specifically developed for the air fryer. 

Noel, who has over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing and distribution across several different businesses, saw a market gap. The ingenious idea was sparked over a meal with his three children: Dara,18, Aoife,17, and Rory,15.

“Over 12.5m households are using air fryers, and after a discussion with my family in which they were championing air fryers and how many times a week they use them, I just suddenly thought we have the perfect products, the development and distribution network, and the contacts to launch this and with much success,” said Noel.

And just like that, Noel’s brand MJ’s Diner now has a range that includes an array of ‘fakeaways’ such as Salt and Pepper Chicken, Katsu Chicken Curry, Kebab, and chip-shop favourites such as Steak Pie and Sausages, Chips and Gravy.

Noel continued, “We’ve ensured that we have selected some top British ‘fakeaway’ favourites in the range and included everything you need, so the gravy comes in its own sachet, as does the salt and pepper seasoning for you to sprinkle over after just 15 minutes cooking time. The range is a no-brainer. It’s cheaper, quicker, healthier, and far higher quality than ordering in – every time.”

The range, already available in Farmfoods, Noel’s own Oops Food Clearance in St Helens, and over 300 independent retailers nationwide, will also soon be available in Poundland. It cooks in less than 20 minutes, with some meals ready to eat in just 15.

Noel added, “This is already a record-breaking range for us, and it only launched last week! Rates of sale are up to 500% greater than the leading brands, which is seven or eight times more than the best-selling products such as Bisto, which have been on the market for many years.”

Due to the instant success, Noel has already recruited 50 staff members in his Birkenhead facility to cope with the demand. 

Noel continued,““This product range has been designed to help those who are time-poor and want something that won’t blow their calorie count but is a quick, tasty, and cheap option for an evening meal or breakfast.

“Air fryers are now a kitchen staple. They’ve proven they are not a gimmick or a fad. They are here to stay and are helping us Brits enjoy those treat meals more regularly because nothing is deep fried – so you still get that desired crunch and crispiness, just without the oil and fat.” 

Noel and his team have developed a British first – with no other brand yet creating a ready meal designed for the air fryer. “Most ready meals are, of course, what we call in the industry ‘wet’, which means sauce-based,” continues Noel.

“Ours will not disappoint, won’t stick to the side, and are a step away from a sauce-based meal. We’ve reinvented the takeaway meal – and you know what, I have to say, it tastes much nicer!”

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