Birkenhead based PTSD support organisation expands into Liverpool

Birkenhead based PTSD support organisation Sole Survivor PTSD Support C.I.C moves into Liverpool after successfully delivering PTSD support to Wirral residents since 2019 with two new weekly PTSD Peer Support Groups in Clubmoor & Tuebrook.

Back in 2019, Founder Matt Shepley could see that there was a need for a service to sit alongside the traditional pathways of NHS Secondary Mental Health Care and Private Sector Support and Therapy for PTSD in the community.

He is quoted as saying; “I identified that there was a need to create a space where traumatised people could come together and share their lived experiences of managing day to day with trauma with others, in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space.

“We impact people on the margins of our society, often lonely, the troubled, isolated people who have given up on the mental health system but haven’t given up on themselves, This is the resilience that I see week in week out.

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a condition that often goes undetected and undiagnosed with people within our community until considerable damage has been done to the sufferer’s personal, family and work life. It acts like a wrecking ball, knocking away the foundations and then stealing the person’s personality and leaving a void in its place.

“People often think that PTSD is only attributed to Military Veterans, but it’s more prevalent in the civilian population and day to day life than you probably realise; examples of its root causes can be domestic violence, sustained workplace bullying, workplace burnout; the witnessing of road traffic accidents, childhood neglect and abuse to name a few.”

The first group was set up in Wallasey, and over the three years delivered peer support to over 300 residents, now following the success of this model which now numbers 3 groups in Wirral, has moved into the City in a collaboration with Clubmoor’s The Bridge Centre, and it’s Outreach Project at St John the Baptists in Tuebrook.

Matt Shepley says of the move, “The Bridge Centre and Outreach Project were a natural choice based on the existing Mental Health support they are providing the people of Liverpool; a safe, confidential setting already exists for people to just “be” with any Mental Health condition and our offering of PTSD Peer Support groups helps give there clients and the wider community opportunity to explore their trauma, make friends and reduce social isolation which often comes hand in glove with this condition, it’s a win-win for The Bridge, Sole Survivor and the people of Liverpool.”

For more information please visit our website or contact Founder Matt Shepley at 07903 544585

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