Asbestos fly-tipped in Bromborough

Wirral Council has issued a warning to whoever dumped a load of hazardous waste near the public highway in Bromborough that those handing the items may be at risk of harm.

The waste, which included significant quantities of dangerous asbestos, was fly-tipped on Riverbank Road in Bromborough last week.

A Council officer investigating the incident said, “Whoever removed this has put themselves and any other workers at risk – maybe also their client. This substance is so dangerous that any removal should have been notified to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

“It will take time to remove this waste and it will require specialist handling. In the meantime, the area will be taped off to warn people to stay away from it.

“Someone must know where this came from, but did they know the risk it posed? Do the workers that handled it know how dangerous it is? Are they being medically reviewed if they do this regularly?

“Our worry is that they don’t know – work such as this would usually require a properly licensed contractor and we would expect them to know the rules on handling asbestos.”

If anyone has any information regarding this incident of hazardous waste fly-tipping, they can report it at

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