Art exhibition providing insight into disabilities and autism a great success

Happy Times Activities and The Open Door Charity hosted an art exhibition at Bloom Building, Birkenhead last weekend.

The creative project LENS was designed and created to provide insight into disabilities and autism, with the aim of challenging perceptions around these big and important subjects.

The event did this by using a selection of art, videos, and even a song, all inspired and produced by the participants and team at Happy Times Activities in Moreton.

The event was described by many as moving, educational, and inspiring.

Helen, Founder Director at Happy Times, and project lead said, “I am so pleased with the response from everyone that came along.

“The people that we support at Happy Times are totally inspirational, they just want to be met with understanding and empathy and not with sympathy.”

Each piece of art displayed a strong message to reflect frustrations and outlooks of those that live it and shared aims and ambitions. The art gave people that are often not heard, not only voice but to shout out their very important messages.

If you missed the event and would like to see it, you can access it at

Helen added, “We are currently looking at ways to share this project with local organisations and groups, so we urge anyone who is interested in delivering training to their groups or teams in this creative way, to get in touch: 0151 641 0716.”


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