AI camera van to detect drivers using mobile phones

This week Merseyside Police has introduced the latest technology to support road safety enforcement with the implementation of a mobile device that utilises artificial intelligence to identify drivers using their mobile phone or individuals travelling without a seatbelt.

The device is fitted to a van to allow for mobile enforcement meaning the technology can be deployed across Merseyside to target two of the ‘fatal four’ offences.

Sergeant Berry from Merseyside Police said, “Last year 19 people died on our roads and 440 were seriously injured in road traffic collisions in Merseyside. Road safety teams across the country put emphasis on the fatal four in an attempt to drive down collisions and achieve Vision Zero.”

He went on to explain, “We want people to understand we’re using this technology and will continue to use it to make our roads safer, the new process isn’t about giving tickets, it’s about improving road safety.”

Sergeant Berry concluded with, “Hopefully now everyone knows we’re using this technology, it will prevent them from using their phone and encourage them to wear seatbelts”.

The device supports two infrared cameras which utilise AI to detect potential offences, this data is then sent to an operator who verifies the reading and marks offences for progression. Offences are then sent to Merseyside Police to process.

Paul Fletcher from Merseyside Road Safety Partnership said, “We’re hoping the technology will bring about a change in behaviour. The vast majority of the public recognise the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving and understand the seriousness of not wearing a seatbelt.

“For those who don’t appreciate the risks associated with both, we’re hoping this device will be enough to prevent them from continuing to put themselves and others at risk of harm.”

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