A warm welcome guaranteed at your local NeighbourHub

Whoever you are and wherever in Wirral you’re from, you will be given a warm welcome in one of over 50 NeighbourHubs – or warm spaces – that have been popping up all over the borough.

The new community initiative, led by Wirral Council in partnership with local grassroots organisations aims to help support residents with the Cost-of-Living Crisis. 

Janette Williamson, Leader of Wirral Council, said, “The cost of living increase is tough for everyone. That’s why we’re delighted to be working with some fantastic, local, grassroots organisations to offer our residents so many warm spaces across the borough.

“These hubs are spaces for the whole community to use – whatever your personal circumstances. Keep an eye out for the green NeighbourHub banners; there will be no questions asked – all are welcome to pop in and stay warm.”

Here are eight things you can expect when you visit a Wirral NeighbourHub:

  • A friendly welcome: NeighbourHub teams are dedicated to making everyone feel at home, so you can expect a warm greeting when you arrive.
  • A hot drink: Whether you prefer tea or coffee most NeighbourHubs have a range of hot drinks available to enjoy.
  • A comfortable space: set up in established community centres, NeighbourHubs are designed to be warm and comfortable 
  • A quiet space: If you need a quiet space to work or relax, NeighbourHub can provide it.
  • Community spirit: as well as being warm, NeighbourHubs are great for meeting people in your community who you may not have had a chance to say hello to yet. You can expect to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Access to information: Many NeighbourHubs will offer advice and information on local services and support, as well as resources on health and wellbeing.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Many NeighbourHubs offer free wifi – a perfect place to stay connected both with your neighbours, and with friends online
  • No questions asked: Everyone is welcome – no matter what your personal circumstances – and there won’t be any awkward questions.

Full details about your nearest NeighbourHub can be found at www.wirralinfobank.co.uk

Image: Thomas Park

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