A trip through the Birkenhead Tunnel in old postcards

The Queensway Tunnel was the second tunnel under the Mersey – the first being the railway tunnel in 1886. Construction of the road tunnel started in 1925 and in 1928 the two pilot holes (one from the Liverpool side and one from the Birkenhead side) met within 1″ of each other. The project cost £8m (nearly £600,000,000 in today’s money!) and was opened in July 1934 by George V at a ceremony watched by 200,000 people. Sadly, 17 men died during construction. This was a magnificent engineering achievement and at the time, the tunnel was known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

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“Mersey Tunnel” Multiview postcard.
“General view of King’s Square, Birkenhead. During ceremony.”
“Mersey Tunnel, King’s Square, Birkenhead Entrance.”
“Entrance to Mersey Tunnel, Birkenhead.”
“Mersey Tunnel Entrance, Birkenhead.”
“Mersey Tunnel at Night, King’s Square, Birkenhead Entrance.”
“Mersey Tunnel, Junction Chamber, showing Main & Branch Tunnels.”
“The Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool.”
“Interior of Mersey Tunnel, under the River Mersey, Liverpool & Birkenhead.”
“Liverpool. The Mersey Tunnel.”
“Interior of Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool & Birkenhead (Under the River Mersey.)”
“Liverpool. William Brown Street from Mersey Tunnel Entrance.”
“H.M. The King’s Car, proceeding to the Tunnel Entrance (Queensway.)”
“Tunnel Entrance, Liverpool.”
“Entrance to Mersey Tunnel (Queensway) Liverpool.”
“Kingsway and Entrance to Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool.”

Image credit – Photographers unknown/”Birkenhead in Pictures & Postcards” >>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/birkenheadpostcards