A heartwarming tale of notes put through doors by unknown girls

When there was a knock on her front door and Gemma James saw two schoolgirls running away, she wondered what was going on. She went to the door and saw that a note had been posted through her letterbox. What she saw brought a little tear of joy to her eye.

birkenhead.news spoke to Gemma and one of her neighbours, Amanda Hobbs who both live in Upton, to find out more.

Gemma described what happened after she heard someone at the door, “I thought it was the postman. When I opened the door I saw the little note and a pencil sticking out from under my mat.

“My husband said it was two teenage girls and I saw them about 5 houses down running away smiling.”

“Hope you have a great day!”, The note that Amanda received.

Amanda had a similar experience. she heard the doorbell ring and something drop on to her doormat. “We heard the note and pencil drop on the mat and then spotted a young girl running away. She just rang the bell then ran away.”

Gemma spoke to one of her neighbours and said she also got a note saying “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Again, it was the same story, a couple of girls who posted a note and pencil, rang the doorbell and then ran away.

Amanda said she saw a girl “laughing and running with another young girl.” She continues, “My daughter Minnie picked the note up … read it … then said ‘Aw that’s nice isn’t it?'”

Gemma said that as it was Valentine’s Day, she was maybe expecting a delivery of something nice from her husband. “My hubby had got me nothing for Valentine’s Day!”, she said.

“I knew instantly it was someone being nice and actually thought it was a neighbours kid in knew but never thought it would be teenage girls.”

On why she thought the girls posted the notes, Amanda said, “Hopefully to cheer people up and put a smile on their face … which it did! My daughter was happy with the pencil, too!”

“You are amazing!”, The note that Gemma received.

Gemma told birkenhead.news that her and her husband had planned another day for Valentine’s, so he isn’t in the dog house! She said that when she read the note, “It really made me smile massively and I was looking up and round to see who it was.”

Intrigued about why a pencil had been posted, I asked Amanda who thought that maybe it was “to continue the positive notes and send someone else a message maybe?”

Both Amanda and Gemma have a message that they’d like to send to the girls, sadly, they can’t use their pencils to write a note, because they don’t know the girls or where they live to deliver them.

Amanda said to the girls, should they read this article, “Thanks for your kindness it cheered us up during another long lockdown!”

Gemma said that their parents should be proud of them and, “Definitely-a huge, huge thank you because I was just not having a very nice day and it really, really cheered me up and genuinely made me cry happy tears!”

So, if you know who the girls or their parents are, show them this article, so the girls know that their kindness was really appreciated!