821 Wirral children in need of foster homes

Home has never been more important and Wirral’s fostering service are looking for more foster carers to provide a safe and loving environment for children with the launch of the ‘home is where the heart is’ campaign.

In Wirral there are currently 821 children and young people all in need of carers to provide a safe, stable, and loving home.

Foster Carer Kelle Galloway who is supporting the campaign said, “During this time of uncertainty, the one place where we have felt safe is home.  Home to me means love and security, it’s warmth and reassurance.

“Sadly, there are children with no security or feeling unloved and unwanted through no fault of their own. These children have the right to a stable and loving childhood and home, without people stepping forward to take on the role as a foster carer, they are not getting the chance of this.”

If you or someone you know has room in their home and heart to foster, enquire for more information online: www.wirralfostering.org

The council’s new campaign aims to reach potential and much needed foster carers by highlighting how a stable and loving home environment can make a vital and positive difference for a child or young person’s future. The campaign will also challenge common fostering misconceptions, provide details on what to expect from fostering and share the stories from Wirral’s very own current foster carers. 

Cllr Wendy Clements, Chair of Wirral’s Children, Young People and Education Committee said, “COVID-19 has put into perspective just how important having a safe and secure home is and we have local children and young people who need a home environment like this too. 

“We’re looking for people who may have realised during the pandemic that they have room in their hearts and their homes to help another child.”

There are children and young people of all ages in need of a safe and loving home environment to support them. Fostering is a life changing experience but one that is truly rewarding. Wirral’s fostering service will provide all the training and support needed to carers who can provide a home for a child to flourish in. 

Cllr Clements added, “Our foster carers are passionate in their dedication in making a difference to the lives of children and young people – but we need more people to come forward and help more children. I would like to encourage anyone who feels they can be the difference to a child, to take the next step and contact our fostering team.”

To anyone who is considering fostering, Kelle has shared this bit of advice, “I’d say to anyone considering foster, ask questions. Speak to people who already do this day to day, get as much information as you can to make a decision that’s right for you and your family.  Ask yourself what if it was me, what would I hope for as a child needing a home. If you’re considering this then you’re halfway there it shows you have the heart to give a loving home.”

If you or someone you know has room in their home and heart to foster, enquire for more information online: www.wirralfostering.org

Main image credit: freestocks.org