7,000 Sexual Violence Survivor Support Packs to be distributed across Merseyside

To mark the start of North West Sexual Violence Awareness Week, 7,000 Survivor Support Packs will be distributed across Merseyside.

The packs, which have been paid for by Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell and the North West Strategic Direction for Sexual Assault and Abuse Services Partner Network (SAAS), provide key information about the specialist support available across the region and the reporting options survivors have available to them.

Containing five key leaflets, the packs are designed to guide victims through the emotional and legal process of dealing with sexual abuse, including a step-by-step guide from reporting a crime right through to court.

They also include additional information from the specialist sexual violence support services commissioned by the Police Commissioner – RASA Merseyside and the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC) for Cheshire and Merseyside.

The packs are set to be distributed to victim support services, the Sexual Assault Referral Centre, GPs surgeries and libraries across the region. They will be provided to survivors by Merseyside Police’s specialist Unity Team, which is a unit dedicated to investigating reports of sexual assaults.

You can also access and download the entire pack online here: https://sexualviolencesupport.co.uk/survivor-support-packs/merseyside/

The packs have been produced by the North West Strategic Direction for Sexual Assault and Abuse Services Partner Network (SAAS) which is a collaboration between North West Police and Crime Commissioners, the NHS and sexual assault and abuse services from across the North West. They have been created to complement a website www.sexualviolencesupport.co.uk  which launched earlier this year to provide a digital directory of services across the region.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell said, “Survivors of sexual violence deserve the best possible care and support, no matter whether report it to the police or not or how long ago the crime took place.

“These Survivor Support Packs have been created to give survivors all the information they need and make it as easy as possible for them to access crucial support in our region.

“By distributing them to key locations where we believe survivors may seek help or support, such as GP practices, support services and across police teams, we hope to make them as accessible as possible.

“The Pack is also available online for anyone to access and download, including family members and loved ones who may wish to get more information about how to support someone who has been affected. Please visit https://sexualviolencesupport.co.uk/survivor-support-packs/merseyside/

Becky Williams, Sexual Violence Communications and Engagement Manager for the SAAS said, “It is hoped that these packs will make it easier for survivors of sexual violence to come forward and speak out. The packs contain key information which highlight support and reporting options available across Merseyside.”

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Parry, head of Merseyside Police’s Unity Team said, “The Survivor Support Packs provide practical support and information, with simple guidance for anyone who has experienced sexual violence. It takes incredible strength and bravery to speak out about sexual violence and we hope that these packs assist those who wish to seek support either from the police or a support service, regardless of how and when it happened.”

North West Sexual Violence Awareness Week is running from 8-14 November with the aim of raising awareness of sexual violence and the support services available to survivors.

Any organisation wishing to stock the Survivor Support Packs should please contact info@merseysidepcc.info

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