300 books donated to children across Liverpool

Enterprise Mobility and the National Literacy Trust launched their third year of partnership by donating 340 books to children at four schools in Liverpool.

This donation is part of a larger initiative distributing 25,000 books across the UK.

Recipient schools in Liverpool include Florence Melly Community Primary School, Our Lady and St Edward’s Catholic Primary School, St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School, and Kensington Community Primary School.

This comes amid findings from the National Literacy Trust that book ownership is at a five-year low among children and young people, with those from less advantaged backgrounds twice as likely to not have any books at home.

Tolá Okogwu’s Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun was chosen for this book drive. This captivating tale featuring a Black protagonist aims to promote diverse representation in children’s literature, allowing young readers to see themselves reflected in the stories they read and providing a glimpse into the lives and experiences of those who may be from different backgrounds.

Accompanying the book donations are free classroom resources and videos hosted by Cbeebies presenter Gyasi Sheppy and actress Sarah Lewis Obuba.

Jason Vit, Head of Local Areas at the National Literacy Trust, emphasised the importance of fostering a love for reading among children, saying, “Engaging children in the joy and fun of reading is an essential part of building those key literacy skills that will help them thrive at school, and for the rest of their lives.

“At the National Literacy Trust, we work across the UK in places facing the biggest challenges, including literacy levels. Through our partnership with Enterprise Mobility, we can reach more children who need the most support and fire their imaginations and love of reading with thrilling books like Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun.”

Ryan Johnson, Managing Director for the UK and Ireland at Enterprise Mobility, said, “At Enterprise Mobility, we’re committed to supporting the communities where we operate, and we recognise the profound impact that access to books can have on a child’s development and future opportunities.

“Through our partnership with the National Literacy Trust, we are addressing the concerning decline in book ownership among children across the UK. Together, we are working to inspire young minds, promote diversity in literature, and empower children to unlock their full potential through reading.”

Through their partnership, Enterprise Mobility and the National Literacy Trust have now donated approximately 75,000 books to children across the UK, fostering a brighter future through the power of literature.

This project is made possible by Enterprise Mobility’s global ROAD Forward initiative, a £43 million commitment over five years aimed at advancing social and racial equity in communities worldwide, launched in 2020.

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