2022 Election Special: Wirral’s local council election results

The 2022 Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council election took place yesterday, Thursday 5 May 2022 to elect members of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council. 

Prior to the 2022 elections, the political composition of the council was as follows:

  • Labour – 27 seats 
  • Conservative – 23 seats
  • Liberal Democrats – 6 seats
  • The Green Party – 6 seats
  • Independent – 2 seats
  • Vacant seats – 2
The graphic above shows the composition of the council prior to the 2022 elections.
The graphic above shows the composition of the council following the 2022 elections.

The council was governed by a minority administration of Labour Councillors.

The seats won at the 2022 elections is as follows:

  • Labour – 9 seats 42% of votes
  • Conservative – 8 seats 26% of votes
  • The Green Party – 4 seats 19% of votes
  • Liberal Democrats – 2 seats 12% of votes
  • Independent – 0 seats <1% of votes

Following the 2022 elections, the political composition of the council was as follows:

  • Labour – 26 seats (-1)
  • Conservative – 24 seats (+1)
  • The Green Party – 9 seats (+3)
  • Liberal Democrats – 6 seats (-)
  • Independent – 1 seats (-1)

The council is still governed by a minority administration of Labour Councillors.

Following is a full list of Wirral candidates. • italics denote the sitting councillor • bold denotes the winning candidate

Bebington – GREEN GAIN

LabourBrenda Ashton187635%
GreenJudith Grier285553%
ConservativeNicola Oakley55910%
Lib DemsNoel Thompson892%
Electorate: 11789. Total Votes: 5379. Turnout: 46%

Bidston and St James – LAB HOLD

GreenJayne Clough22010%
LabourLiz Grey164873%
ConservativeTina McDonnell27612%
Lib DemsMike Parsons1025%
Electorate: 10468, Total Votes: 2,256. Turnout 22%.

Birkenhead and Tranmere – (Two councillors to be elected) – GREEN HOLD & GREEN GAIN (vacant seat)

Lib DemsRoss Campbell781%
GreenPat Cleary179834%
ConservativeMike Clements862%
LabourPaul Jobson104520%
LabourTony Murphy74314%
GreenAmanda Onwuemene148428%
Lib DemsEdward Smith260%
ConservativeColin Young701%
Electorate: 10340. Total Votes: 5330. Turnout 27%.

Bromborough – LAB HOLD

ConservativeGraham Davies60817%
Lib DemsVicky Downie35710%
GreenEdward Lamb72620%
LabourSue Percy186652%
Electorate: 12122, Total Votes 3557. Turnout 30%

Clatterbridge – CON HOLD

ConservativeMary Jordan196743%
LabourThomas Laing152133%
GreenJim McGinley53212%
Lib DemsChristopher Raymond54212%
Electorate: 11202, Total Votes 4562. Turnout 41%

Claughton – LAB HOLD

For BritainGary Bergin572%
Lib DemsRobert Evans2758%
GreenLiz Heydon41412%
ConservativeAndy Hodson59818%
LabourGillian Wood198460%
Electorate: 11336. Total Votes: 3328. Turnout 29%.

Eastham – LIB DEM HOLD

Lib DemsChristopher Carubia220157%
ConservativeDenise Crossley-Williams41611%
GreenPercy Hogg2396%
LabourNicole Williams103227%
Electorate: 11033. Total Votes: 3888. Turnout 35%.

Greasby, Frankby and Irby – CON HOLD

ConservativeTracy Elzeiny220643%
LabourGail Jenkinson214242%
GreenCathy Page4188%
Lib DemsMike Redfern3747%
Electorate: 11462. Total Votes: 5140. Turnout 45%.

Heswall – CON HOLD

LabourAnn Ainsworth89718%
GreenBarbara Burton3227%
ConservativePaul Connolly199941%
Lib DemsLucy Johnson170035%
Electorate: 10838. Total Votes: 4918. Turnout 46%.

Hoylake and Meols – CON HOLD

GreenAlix Cockcroft48410%
ConservativeTony Cox198142%
IndependentJohn Ellis3297%
Lib DemsPeter Reisdorf3267%
LabourDavid Sindall157734%
Electorate: 10521. Total Votes: 4697. Turnout 45%.

Leasowe and Moreton East – LAB GAIN (seat vacant)

ConservativeDebbie Caplin80525%
LabourAngie Davies211265%
Lib DemsChase Newton1505%
GreenHannah Rapley1775%
Electorate: 10969. Total Votes: 32446. Turnout 30%.

Liscard – LAB HOLD

Lib DemsFrancis Doyle1645%
ConservativeJane Owens64320%
GreenPerle Sheldricks33410%
LabourJanette Williamson210165%
Electorate: 11245. Total Votes: 3242. Turnout 29%.

Moreton West and Saughall Massie – CON HOLD

GreenHilary Cullen3138%
LabourJames Laing145339%
Lib DemsChristopher Teggin1674%
ConservativeVida Wilson181248%
Electorate: 10599. Total Votes: 3745. Turnout 35%.

New Brighton – LAB HOLD

Lib DemsAdam Keenan2256%
ConservativeDarren May75720%
LabourSue Powell-Wilde231761%
GreenCynthia Stonall51814%
Electorate: 11400. Total Votes: 3817. Turnout 34%.


Lib DemsAllan Brame251364%
 UKIPPhilip Griffiths381%
GreenRachel Heydon2346%
LabourSusan Mahoney91623%
ConservativePhil Merry2166%
Electorate: 10879. Total Votes: 3917. Turnout 36%.

Pensby and Thingwall – CON GAIN

GreenAllen Burton49111%
ConservativeLeah Frazer178740%
LabourFinlay Gordon175540%
Lib DemsPhil Waterfield3839%
Electorate: 10505. Total Votes: 4416. Turnout 42%.

Prenton – GREEN GAIN

GreenNaomi Graham208753%
ConservativeWilliam Harland2506%
LabourJulienne McGeough152038%
Lib DemsDavid Tyrrell922%
Electorate: 10850. Total Votes: 3949. Turnout 37%.

Rock Ferry – LAB GAIN

LabourChris Davies157961%
IndependentStephen Davies42916%
GreenCraig McDonald29211%
ConservativeSimon Mendies2088%
Lib DemsTom Sutton984%
Electorate: 10230. Total Votes: 2606. Turnout 26%.

Seacombe – LAB HOLD

ConservativeBobby Cartwright1665%
LabourJohn Hoey166954%
Lib DemsAnthony Morris461%
GreenRae Voller121839%
Electorate: 10227. Total Votes: 3099. Turnout 30%.

Upton – LAB HOLD

LabourStephen Bennett213760%
GreenLily Clough43712%
Lib DemsAlan Davies1955%
ConservativeDavid Fairbairn81823%
Electorate: 12316. Total Votes: 3587. Turnout 29%.

Wallasey – CON HOLD

LabourAndrew Bennett219843%
Lib DemsJohn Codling2655%
GreenMoira Gommon2926%
ConservativeLesley Rennie230746%
Electorate: 11565. Total Votes: 5062. Turnout 44%.

West Kirby and Thurstaston – CON HOLD

ConservativeJeff Green203446%
GreenYvonne McGinley55512%
 Northern Independence PartyLawrence Monk892%
Lib DemsJohn Mullins47211%
LabourLouise Reecejones129729%
Electorate: 10234. Total Votes: 4446. Turnout 44%.

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